At St Hilda's we've been considering setting up a Facebook page for a while. We've been inspired by other library Facebook pages, notably the work of Queen's College Library, and were very fortunate to have Michelle Mumford from Nuffield College pay us a visit to guide us through some successful web 2.0 applications that we may consider employing. We took the idea of a Facebook page to our library committee and discovered that although attitudes were generally positive, there was an element of concern particularly surrounding issues of security, policing content that could be posted by the general public, and consistent practise between administrators of Facebook pages across the college. It was decided that the college should create a policy document.

Looking for some guidance we turned to the Web 2.0 Working Party and sent an email to the CCL maillist. We were delighted with the support we gained from our fellow library staff! It seems that many share our worries, although lots of others haven taken a very experimental approach and have decided to simply try things out, without drawing up plans in advance. For our own peace of mind, as well as our library committee, we have decided to stick with the idea of creating a formal, printed document. We are currently in the process of writing up. We have found the working party's 'Web 2.0 checklist' especially useful.

Many thanks to all who've helped! Watch this space!

Aimee Collis
Assistant Librarian