As the new Biochemistry Subject Librarian at the RSL, I've been trying to introduce some Web 2.0 based tools to help inform readers about services, provide user education through video tutorials and supply additional means of contacting me. So far I've set up a blog, twitter account, Delicious bookmarks and YouTube channel.

Using iGoogle to Avert Insanity
One of the biggest problems I find in using Web 2.0 tools is keeping track of the proliferating accounts, feeds, e-mails and updates. I've found a really useful tool to help deal with this is iGoogle. I can populate my iGoogle desktop with gadgets that conect to the various services and accounts I've signed up to. This means that all the information is funneled into one central location, making it much easier to keep track of. Most of the gadgets also allow you access the main functions of the different tools. For example I can tweet directly from my iGoogle Twitter gadget or reply to E-mails using the gmail and yahoo gadgets.

I've now set iGoogle as my home page on my web browser so it's always immediately accesable when I log onto my computer.

Lankester Reading Room

The staff of the Lankester Reading Room in the Radcliffe Science Library were asked to attend various training sessions in regards to databases and e-tools afterwhich they were to relay to each other what they had learned. We went to the training sessions, but were having trouble trying to find the time when we could all meet together to discuss and practice the new knowledge.

Then Oxford 23 Things began and we discovered Blogger. "Hey," said we, "why don't we use Blogger to share our new found wisdom with each other." So was created the Lankester Rodeo blog.

The settings allow all the Lankester Room staff to be co-authors of the blog and only these co-authors have access to the blog (for now). Unfortunately, not much has been entered due to the present fixation on the Oxford 23 Things, but once that project is over (with the resulting lift to our Web 2.0 confidence) we hope to return to our Lankester Rodeo.