The HFL has been dabbling with Web 2.0 for a bit:

1. RSS feeds for news and for events ( created on our Wordpress blog which posts also to Twitter. We use Twitterfox and
2. Flickr for photos, e.g.
3. Delicious for bookmarks and Tweeticious which is also embedded in our blog. We are trying to get tag rolls (ie the cloud) displayed in CMS. The script doesn't work in CMS and Thaddeus promised to get back to me on that.
4. Staff wiki.
5. Point to video streams, e.g. It would be nice to embed them in the webpage, so that's something else I need to learn.
6. I've also experimented with Meebo for instant messaging. Technically it seems to work with CMS which is the good news, but we need to thinko more carefully whether/how to introduce such a service.
7. We don't have a facebook entry, though might at some point. However, we've encouraged our student reps, The Historians Assembly, to create one. Firstly, they have difficulty communicating with each other and secondly, it would be "owned" and driven by students, not librarians.
8. Our trainee, Ian, is now blogging. Bethan blogs too. The rest of us haven't got the time...

If anybody has anything useful to comment on, I'd be delighted to hear from you. In the meantime, I shall browse more in this wiki and learn more the group.