Since coming to work at Harris Manchester College Library, nearly two years ago, the Web 2.0 concepts have been very much on my mind. The difficulty was how to get started. There was so much to learn in a new job, in any case, that exploring Web 2.0 was difficult to fit in.

However I was very aware that, in comparison with other colleges, our webpages were very static, text-heavy and didn't look very up to date in layout or format. But the webpages were not in my, or indeed any library staff member's, hands, so I was keen to find new ways to update HMC's web presence. After all, the WWW is our shop window to the rest of the world. I think it's ill-advised to neglect it.

Inspired by Michelle Mumford, at Nuffield College, who was running Web 2.0 courses for College librarians, I've developed a Facebook page for HMC Library, which includes a Wall for people to post comments/questions/suggestions etc, links to search resources such as SOLO, OxLip+, British Library, COPAC, JSTOR etc, photos of our Library Gallery being built (and students helping clean up afterwards!), plus an RSS feed to new books via LibraryThing.

My attitude is experimental and open-minded. Does this increase footfall and Library usage? Is that the point? We're already a healthily used library with lots of interaction with our fabulous students. So I'm monitoring the feedback and the 'fan' base! Watch this space...

Katrina Malone
Assistant Librarian