Another work in progress, we have an EFL photostream on Flickr.

A work in progress at the moment! We are efloxford on Delicious.

Continuing the theme, we are also efloxford on Twitter! This is linked to our Facebook page, so a tweet/update on either site will also be posted to the other.

Inspired by the Web 2.0 drop in session, we have set up a Facebook page for the EFL

We hope to use the page to highlight library training sessions and news and to point readers to our website which remains the main source of online information for the EFL. We will be advertising the Facebook page in time for the start of term and hope to gain a lot more fans then, although it seems that some have already found us!

One unique selling point for our page is an adapted version of the SOLO widget- readers can search SOLO, Oxlip+ and e-Journals directly from the EFL Facebook page. It looks slightly different to the usual tabbed SOLO search box, but the changes were necessary to work within the Facebook HTML editing application Static FBML and the functionality is still the same. If other libraries would like this for their Facebook pages please get in touch.

It will be interesting to see how future Facebook applications such as Static FBML allow libraries to tailor their pages to their readers' needs.

Update: almost 300 fans as of March 2010 and still growing! It's great to see many other library Facebook pages with the SOLO search too.