At the Education Library we have been experimenting with various Web 2.0 tools.

We have set up a staff blog, to largely replace the staff mailing list as our main means of communicating important information. This has been extremely useful, as you can tag and search through for posts on a particular topic. We also introduced a system of specifying if you wanted people to comment on a particular post (you put an * before the title of the post). This has been excellent for staring discussions, and has stopped the feeling that you are talking to yourself!

We also now use delicious for our useful web links.
and have over 400 links stored and tagged there. We plan to encourage course groups to use shared tags next year (e.g. oxpgce09), to be able to share web resources of use.

We are also using My WorldCat for our new book lists, which is a very quick way of creating lists that users can interact with (although I don't know if they are!). They also look good, and include pictures of book covers etc!

Finally (I think), we are currently setting up a Facebook page - just waiting for some photos to add to the page, before launching it. We are hoping this will be a useful means of communication...

That's it for now, but still thinking of other things we could use ... Twitter, perhaps??