Key functionality

  • Simple chronological posting of web links
  • Descriptive notes
  • Tags which then allow browsing, and which can be bundled to add an extra layer of classification
  • RSS feeds for all bookmarks or tag-specific
  • Widgets for blogs and web pages, again either tag-specific or for all
  • Share feature includes autoposting to Twitter
  • Network feature allows for easy linking between lists and saving for other people - readers could save links for libraries this way if they use delicious

Copyright and IP

  • Specifying whether and how content can be used by others: From terms and conditions: For publicly accessible content, you can label your compilations with one of several possible licenses. It is important to note that you can only copyright the compilation itself, not the individual links that make up the compilation. Please also note that just because your compilation does not have a license agreement attached to it does not mean that it is public domain. For a compilation to be classified as such, it must be explicitly labeled as belonging to the public domain. Your use of a license in connection with your compilation does not affect's right to access and use it in connection with the Services, the Site or otherwise in connection with our business.
  • Does it have partial ownership: From terms and conditions: By posting content, you are granting permission to us and others to access and use it in connection with the Services, the Site and otherwise in connection with our business. You can mark content as private to restrict access and use to those users to whom you explicitly grant access.

Branding and advertising

  • No modification/branding possible on the actual page, but can add your name and a link to your web page to make it clear who you are
  • When embedded, the widget blends in with the style of the web page or blog
  • Embedding very simple - options to define how many bookmarks/whether you want notes to display etc, then copying and pasting the raw HTML
  • There is no advertising

Stability, reliability, support

  • No local hosting possible
  • HTML export, which could then be easily reused on any web page or uploaded to another social bookmarking site (if they offer upload options!)
  • Owned by Yahoo, rumours that it might be shut down (December 2010). More information.

Known local alternatives?

  • None