I've recently set up a blog for the Continuing Education Library http://contedlibrary.blogspot.com/ inspired by Jane's demo to the Social Science Subject Group. Items from it appear as news on our library website http://library.conted.ox.ac.uk/ Even if no one ever takes part in the blog, I think it will be a more efficient way of getting news onto the website.

I have to confess that I'm not very interested in Web 2.0 for my personal use and hadn't tried things out before but I found the blog pretty easy to set up, although I was grateful for Jane's help on some of the finer points. It's really easy to add stuff so if you are feeling a bit nervous about this area I'd say do give it a go.

We only went public last week, so not much time to judge use but it's obvious people have been having a look since I emailed the Department about it. I was also pleased to be asked by our Department if I would label major items so that they could be picked up by the Department's news. This means library items will appear on the Department's home page and will raise the profile of the Library.

I'll update with a report of how things are going in due course

Sue Pemberton
Continuing Education Librarian
March 2008